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CBSC 2021 Tennis Program Overview

Tennis Handout 2021

Court Schedule and Events

The CBSC Tennis Committee and coaches are busy planning a season of programs and lessons that honour CBSC’s spirit of fun and which is fully compliant with Tennis Canada and Tennis BC COVID-19 guidelines. This summer we’re happy to announce Matt O’Leary & Asher Chapman as our two head coaches and are pleased to welcome back Nick Gebauer, Kate Patuel, Emma Kolousek, Courtney Carmichael, Meera Bahadoorsigh & Adam Armstrong. New additions to the coaching team are Duncan Miller, Sydney Apelo Cruz & Stella Hunka.


  • Kids’ Tennis – Red, Orange, Green, Regular and High Performance: Lessons will be offered between 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. For details on kids’ tennis and what level your child should be, please see:
  • Leaders – If you turn 15 this year and would like to be a CBSC coach in the future, this program is for you! Ask our head coaches for more info.
  • Adult lessons – Beginner, Intermediate and High Performance lessons will be offered Monday & Wednesday late afternoon evening.A morning fitness class (aka “cardio tennis”!) will run Tuesday/Thursday, and skill levels are welcome to register!
  • Private or Bubble lessons – Private lessons and semi-private lessons are available on Wednesday and weekends.

Special programs

  • The Ladder is a fun and competitive program in which players are arranged, unranked, like rungs on a ladder and challenge each other to matches, moving up or down the ladder as matches are won or lost. Each age group/ball colour will have its own ladder and players will compete for end-of-summer trophies. Ladder registration is open and spots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Open Court – A portion of each day will be available for open court. The majority of Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday will be free for members to book courts.

Questions? Please contact our Head Coaches Matt and Asher at before June 26th.
We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on the courts!