Leaders 2022


8 Week Course: Spend this summer at the pool and the beach learning what it takes to run a safe and fun facility. Join the Facilities Crew and be part of the team that keeps the water sparkling and the beach safe. You will receive a First Aid certification, a PoolSafe BC certification, and an intro to the CBSC pool operation as part of this course. Become a part of the CBSC Facilities Leader Team! Those born in 2007 or earlier are eligible to enroll or with permission of the instructor (please ask!). You’ll have the opportunity to fully participate in the extracurricular CBSC events. Required dates include July 9 and 10 (9 am – 2 pm) and additional hours that you sign up for on July 10th. Fee: $110 (T-shirt included).


8 week course: two sessions per week on Tues/Thurs split. 100% attendance at classes and active participation in extracurricular CBSC events required to complete the course, extenuating circumstances permissible to miss any session(s). Those born in 2007 or earlier are eligible to enroll. No further entry requirements but any Tennis Canada or First Aid certificates are beneficial. Successful applicants will be directed to the relevant Tennis Canada and Canadian Red Cross certification standards upon completion of course. Successful completion of the leaders course is a requirement for those who wish to apply for future tennis coach positions at CBSC. Registration preference will be given to applicants who have actively participated in the CBSC high performance tennis program. Fee: $110 (T-shirt included).


8 week course: First 2 weeks and last 2 weeks – once a week. Middle 4 weeks, M/T/Th/F. 100% attendance at all classes and attendance at most CBSC events required in order to complete the course (prior approval for any missed classes or events is required). For those born in 2007 or earlier. Must have Bronze Cross to complete the Leaders course. Successful completion of Leaders is a requirement for those who wish to apply for future swim coach positions at CBSC. Please note: priority preference for leader course registration and swim coach positions will be given to those who have significant past involvement with CBSC and participated in a competitive program at CBSC up to & including their Leader year. Fee: $110 (T-shirt included).


(Born in 2007 or earlier)

This leaders program is designed for sailing students who have completed their CANSail 3 and are now ready to start learning to be a CBSC Sailing Coach. This course will fine tune our leaders’ sailing abilities as well as teach the basics of lesson planning, coaching safety, class control, and teaching sailing lessons. It is a prerequisite to joining the CBSC sailing staff and makes for an easy transition into the Fundamentals and Technical programs for coaching. The program consists of 5 days of training in addition to weekly meetings and volunteer work. Fee: $110 / Student. Offered: July 5-9 (Week 1, 3:00-5:00)