Crescent Beach Swimming Club

We are a summer club, established in 1918, that runs for 8 weeks during the months
of July & August. We offer swimming, tennis, sailing, synchronized swimming, water polo,
and many other fun, family-focussed programs and events.


After much discussion as a board, we have decided to move forward with planning a limited and modified summer program for swimming, sailing, tennis and some events that can include the entire family.

Please go to the Registration page for further information regarding our program for this summer.

We know that each of you will make the right choice and do what is best for you based on your family circumstances and your bubble.

For information on our Capital Campaign, click here.

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CBSC is proud to be neighbours with Beach House Theatre!

Upcoming Summer Fun!

25 Jun 2020 10:20 AM • online
29 Jun 2020 •

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