Becoming a Coach

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a CBSC coach is the ability to positively impact the summer experience of the children we work with. The continuous smiles, cheerful laughter and positive energy of the young CBSC members stems from their love for the Club. Every coach is passionate about the Club and acts as a cheerleader for CBSC. We are role models for the younger CBSC members and we get the opportunity to pass on our passion for CBSC to these young participants. This passion was developed through our continuous involvement over many CBSC summers.

And so this legacy continues and is passed on from generation to generation.

How can you become a coach?

If you want to become a CBSC coach, join in and participate. Integrate yourself and embrace the programs and experiences available. Whether that be swim, tennis, and/or sailing, find your passion and experience all that CBSC has to offer. Don’t forget the many fun community events and volunteer opportunities. Take it all in. CBSC teaches life lessons and allows kids of all ages to develop in a fun, safe and inclusive environment. Be a part of it and teach kids to enjoy an active lifestyle and build never ending friendships for generations to come. Learn with us, train with us, compete with us and grow with us.

Kendra Lukas

CBSC Member Since 2001
CBSC Coach Summers 2017-2020 (Swimming)