Swim Program 2024

The CBSC Swim Program has a fantastic group of coaches this year who are looking forward to working with you and your family! Our swim program offers a wide variety of activities for children of all ages. All of our coaches have received both Lifesaving Society and Crescent Beach specific training, and are experienced in their areas of work.


The largest aspect of the swim club is our Learn to Swim program. Starting at 3 years of age, children progress through a unique set of levels (Tiny Tots through to Stroke Correction) aimed to develop confident swimmers who have fun and feel comfortable in the water.
July lessons start Monday July 1st and August lessons start Monday July 29th and both sets run M/T/Th/F. Each class is 25 minutes, during which your child will receive instruction from their coach, build swimming skills and most importantly, have fun.

Fee: $105/mo

Enrolment is limited and registration for classes is on a first come, first serve basis. Families are limited to one Learn to Swim lesson per month per child.

New for Summer 2024 – SWIM ASSESSMENTS **** Swim assessments are now closed, thank you for your interest.****

To help you select the appropriate swim level for your child we are offering Swim Assessments. These assessments are optional for Learn To Swim Lessons but we highly encourage you to take advantage of the Swim Assessments as it may be difficult to move your child once lessons begin if they are in the wrong level.

To sign up for a spot please fill out this google form BEFORE 9pm Monday June 17th. Our Head Learn to Swim Coaches will make this a fun experience and at the end will suggest a swim level appropriate for your child.

If you have further questions about Swim Lessons please email Head Learn to Swim Coaches Natalie Cooke and Tobey Clendenin swimlessons@cbswimclub.ca

NOTE: Swim Assessments are NOT a guarantee of registration in a specific class.

A more descriptive Level & Objective for each Learn to Swim Lesson can be found below.


Laugh, play and swim together! This lesson is for children 12-24 months old and a water-ready parent. An instructor will help you and your wee one become more comfortable and happy in the water through a variety of fun water activities. This lesson will also introduce some initial steps towards swimming skills. Come join us for this great way to introduce your child to the water!

Our lessons will be 25 minutes two days a week M/Th. Program will run based on sufficient registration. Fee: $70/mo


Laugh, play and swim together! This lesson will also introduce some initial steps towards swimming skills, children aged 24-36 months. Come join us for this great way to introduce your child to the water! Swimmers will be getting comfortable in the water with other kids and with an instructor.

Our lessons will be 25 minutes two days/ week (either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday /Friday). Fee: $70/mo


8 week course:

  • First 2 weeks and last 2 weeks – once a week.
  • Middle 4 weeks, four classes per week M/T/Th/F and time co-teaching/ teaching lessons and programs.
  • 100% attendance at all classes and attendance at most CBSC events required in order to complete the course (prior approval for any missed classes or events is required).
  • For those born in 2009.
  • Must have Bronze Cross to complete the Leaders course.

Successful completion of Leaders is a requirement for those who wish to apply for future swim coach positions at CBSC. Please note: priority preference for Leader course registration and swim coach positions will be given to those who have significant past involvement with CBSC and participated in a competitive program at CBSC up to and including their Leader year.

Fee: $125 (T-shirt included).


Masters lane swimming with a coach, T/Th, 7:30 to 8:30pm. Drop in – FREE.

Evening Masters CANCELLED: August 20 and August 22.

MORNING MASTERS SWIMMING (two programs – 2 days/week or 3 days/week)

Adult training with a swim coach, M/W/F or T/Th, 6:30 to 7:30 am. This program is designed for participants to swim as a group in a lane with similar level swimmers. This is not a learn to swim program (private lessons may be available to new adult swimmers – check with the Head Learn to Swim Coach). Registration required.

Fee: 3 days/week $70/mo 2 days/week $50/mo

Morning masters swim CANCELLED on August 21.


Adult Water Running with a swim coach W 7:30-8:00 am and Sa 12:30-1:00 pm. Drop in – Free.

Masters Water Running CANCELLED on July 6, July 20, July 27, August 10 and August 21.


Adult training with triathlon coach, T/Th, 6:30 – 7:30 am. This program is enhanced run training and power walking designed for all levels. The group will be split into a run group and a power walking group! Sessions will include warm-up, stretching and drills to help keep participants injury-free and training consistently. Registration required.

Fee: $50/mo


Family swim is a great time for members to come enjoy the CBSC pool!

  • Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-7:30pm
  • Wednesday 1:00-6:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 1:00-6:00pm

PLEASE NOTE – Family swim cancellations or adjusted times on the following days::

  • July 4, July 17, July 20, July 24, August 22 and August 25 – CANCELLED
  • July 21 5:00-7:00pm
  • July 25 TBA
  • July 27 end of Gala -6:00pm
  • August 10 3:30-6:00pm
  • August 11 5:00-7:00pm
  • August 13 TBA
  • Aug 18 1:00-5:00pm

Always check the website and posted info at the pool for the most up to date info


Swimming The Tank – takes place two times each summer at precisely 9:00am “Crescent Beach Time” – Saturday July 27 and Sunday August 25th. Certificates are awarded to swimmers who complete 25 yards using proper freestyle stroke. Participants must be recommended by their coaches and have attended the practice swim. FREE.


Kidd Medals will be awarded to the 6 youngest Tank Swimmers (age is based on the day of the swim) who earned their Badge and Certificate in either July or August. These medals are presented at the Awards ceremony at the completion of the August Gala at “Oppenheimers”.