Frequently Asked Questions

Each returning member participates in enrolment on a set date and time. The time stamp you get from your online enrolment determines your spot in the line on registration day.

Online enrolment takes place in May. Please check the registration section of our website for details. It is important to participate in online enrolment before it closes.

Registration takes place at CBSC on the Saturday before lessons begin.

You will receive an email from with your assigned registration time. We try to get these emails to you one week before registration.

CBSC has a long history of hosting registration in person. We will not be offering registration over the phone on registration day. In the past, when members have not been able to attend registration in person, they have sent friends, family and babysitters to register for them at their assigned registration time. Please note that this person can only register for the family assigned to this time and no additional families. The other option available to you is to register with our Office Staff during Office Hours. Office hours start at 9am on the first Monday of our eight week program. Office hours change throughout the summer.

You are a returning member if you purchased a membership last year. Example: you are a returning member in 2024 if you purchased a membership in 2023. If you have previously been a member for five consecutive years but you were not a member last year, please email to inquire about registration.

You are a new member. Only members who purchased a membership the previous summer are considered returning members.

No, after you have completed our waitlist form, you will remain on the waitlist until we have capacity.

As of May 2023, our waitlist has over 1000 families. We will have the opportunity to offer new memberships as current members leave CBSC. The number of new memberships available will vary each year. Movement off the waitlist is currently very slow.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do if you miss emails from CBSC. We recommend that you add the following email addresses to your address book to ensure you receive our emails:

This option is currently not available. Please contact the Office in person during office hours or by email ( once the Club is open and the Office Staff will help you process your registration and collect your waivers. Office hours start at 9am on the first Monday of our eight week program. Office hours change throughout the summer.

Yes, all members who would like to participate in a program or class must participate in online enrollment. If you are not worried about the class filling up on Registration Day, you can process your membership and register for classes in the Office after the Club is open. Office hours start at 9am on the first Monday of our eight week program. Office hours change throughout the summer.

We encourage our Senior and Social members to participate in online enrolment to help us confirm our membership numbers in the spring. If you are a Senior or Social member who did not participate in online enrolment but would like to come down on Registration day for your membership and PNO tickets, please email and we will keep you updated with all of the registration information for Senior and Social members.

Volunteers will be e-mailed a link to enrol in the appropriate category.

If you have not received an email from confirming your volunteer enrolment, please enrol as a returning member.

Subscribing to our e-Seahorse does not mean that you are a member of CBSC. To be considered a member, you must first purchase a membership through our registration process.

Please email if there is a problem with your Activenet account.

An Activenet account must only include your immediate family, unless you have received prior approval from the CBSC, due to extenuating circumstances. Grandparents, even those who may reside in your home, as well as relatives, friends or children you may babysit on a regular basis must all set up their own separate Activenet accounts. They must then apply for their own membership in the correct category for their situation.

After registration day, class lists are formed and used for communication. The only email address pulled onto these lists is the email address assigned to the member of your family enrolled in the class. The program coordinators use these lists to communicate important class details, changes and updates with you. We suggest entering the email address of the adult responsible for the child enrolled in the class.

Account 1: Subscribe to our e-Seahorse

Your CBSC e-Seahorse sign-up is to our newsletter which will keep you updated with Club communication (including registration preparation emails) as well as our summer e-Seahorse newsletters, plus a few emails throughout the year informing you of our pool clean-up days, AGM, clothing sales, and registration, etc.

Please go to the homepage and click on e-Seahorse, to subscribe. If you are currently receiving the eSeahorse, then you are already signed up.

Account 2: Your CBSC Activenet account

Log in at

This account is used on Registration Day to register you and your family in the programs you select for the summer. It tracks your courses and payments. This account must be updated (prior to Registration Day) for every family member who will be participating in the CBSC this summer.

If you have inquiries about returning memberships or activity registration once CBSC has started, please email or visit our clubhouse office during office hours. Office hours start at 9am on the first Monday of our eight week program. Office hours change throughout the summer.

Office hours start at 9am on the first Monday of our eight week program. The office is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays from 9-12pm and in the afternoons, but closing time will vary.