CBSC 2024 Pickleball 2024 Tennis/Pickleball Handout 2024 Court Schedule and Events Pickleball is back at the CBSC Courts! Every Saturday from 1:30pm to 5pm, Courts 3 and 4 will turn into 6 Pickleball Courts available to book through the Open Court Binder. We are also offering the following [...]

Volley Ball


Volleyball Program 2024 2024 Volleyball Handout The program is recreational, and includes instruction in skills, drills, scrimmages, and games of six-players-per-side volleyball. July lessons will focus on skills, drills and scrimmages. During the month of August, the coaches will continue to work on those techniques, and will [...]



Triathlon Program 2024 2024 Triathlon and Tiny Tri Handout TRIATHLON The program includes all aspects of triathlon training and competition. Training will be M/T/Th/F and will cover 1-2 of the triathlon disciplines (swimming, cycling and running) per day. Open to children in the age groups 9-10; 11-12, [...]



Sailing Program 2024 2024 Sailing Program Handout JUNIOR WATERFRONT SAFETY (Born in 2016 or 2017) This program is designed for youth born in 2016 or 2017 and is conducted by our senior coaches. It introduces our youngest sailors to the ocean and boating safety in a fun and [...]



CBSC 2024 Tennis Program Overview 2024 Tennis/Pickleball Handout 2024 Court Schedule and Events WELCOME TO THE 2024 CBSC TENNIS PROGRAM! The CBSC Tennis Committee and coaches are excited to offer a summer program of progressive tennis lessons, fun activities and club tournaments for players of all ages and [...]


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