Galas and Trophies

CBSC Swimming Galas

Galas have been cancelled this summer due to Covid19.

The Galas are held twice per summer. The July Gala in 2019 falls on Saturday, July 27th after the final week of July lessons. The August Gala falls on Sunday, August 25th after the final week of August lessons.

The Galas are open to all club members who have attended a week of lessons or training in the four weeks prior to the Gala, or who have attended three weeks of lessons over the summer, or are 15 years and older.

Synchro, Training, Water Polo, Triathlon, Lifesaving, Junior Lifeguard Club, Learn to Swim and Stroke Correction all qualify if the person is properly registered. Completion of a Tanker Swim is preferable before the first Gala. Relays are open to all Club members whether they are in a swim program or not.

Sign-up sheets are posted in the Clubhouse one week prior to the Galas. Prior registration is required for the August Gala, by 3pm on the prior Tuesday, for all events except the adult relays. This is a deadline, no exceptions. Deck entries are allowed at the July Gala only. There are no entry fees for either Gala.

Certificate Swims (Tanker Badges)

At precisely 9am CBT (Crescent Beach Time) at “the Tanks” each Gala morning. Certificates are awarded to swimmers who complete 25 yards using proper freestyle stroke. Participants must be recommended by their coaches and have attended the practice swim.

Kidd Medal Swims

During the Certificate Swims (above) medals are awarded to the six youngest swimmers of the year who can complete 25 yards without touching the sides and without progressing solely with the current. Age is based on the day of the swim.


All swimming, sailing, water polo, synchro and tennis trophies should be returned before July 15th. This is a deadline!

Please return trophies to the Clubhouse engraved. If your trophies need engraving, you can take them to Trident Key Mart in the Semiahmoo Mall. If you pay for them, we are happy to pick them up at the store. If you return them to the Clubhouse, and they still need engraving, Mary will accept donations at the desk. It is between $8-10 to have a trophy engraved. We appreciate your attention to this process.

Did you know that CBSC is always looking for donations to help restore the club’s end-of- summer trophies? Many trophies are well over 40 years old and are rich in history & tradition. If you would like to help keep these beautiful trophies in good condition for years to come, please contact Heidi Cyr at 604 385 3328.

Any other trophy questions, please contact Heidi Cyr. Thanks!