August 25, Footraces
August 26, Tennis Awards
August 27, Tank Swim & August Gala & Awards

Week 8
We Are Almost Near the End 😭

Last night’s Art Swim Show themed Groovy Party was such a fun way of celebrating this last week together. The audience was entertained from beginning to end with funky music and out of sight moves. Congratulations to all the girls on their performances.

As the end draws near, be thankful for all the memories and frienships made! Enjoy – and soak in the last three days of Summer 2023 here at CBSC.


  • 9am: Tanker Swim at the Point
  • Immediately following: Gala Races at the club pool
  • 3pm: Half Mile Swim at the Point
  • 3:30pm: Awards Ceremony at the Point where Foot Races are held

Tank swim and Gala are this Sunday! The CBSC Concession will be open. Come hungry, and ready to eat, we want to sell out of everything!

The August Gala volunteers will need feeding and watering. If you can help Katherine by either volunteering to bring something for our hard-working volunteers, and/or help her distribute it, she would really appreciate it!

(Family Swim is cancelled due to the Gala)


We had a blast in Nanaimo for the BCSSA Provincial Championships. Our 31 swimmers did a great job and had a ton of fun in the process (the photos can attest to that)!! Five of our swimmers represented CBSC on Fraser South Regional Relays!

Here are the results:

  • Whitney E: 16th in 100 IM, 7th in 50 Free, 4th in Mixed Regional Medley Relay
  • Charley B: 8th in 50 Breast, 4th in Mixed Regional Medley Relay
  • Ryan J: 5th 100 IM, 5th 50 Free, 2nd 50 Back, 4th 100 Free, 3rd Mixed Medley Regional Relay
  • Andrea S: 6th 100 IM, 13th 50 Free, 6th 50 Breast, 3rd Mixed Medley Regional Relay
  • Billy G: 6th in 50 Fly, 11th in 50 Breast, 16th in 100 Free, 4th in Mixed Free Regional Relay
  • Silvia S: 10th 100 IM, 3rd 50 Fly, 4th 50 Breast, 4th Mixed Free Regional Relay
  • Cleo F: 12th in 50 Fly, 4th in Mixed Free Regional Relay
  • Cora C: 11th in 200 IM, 3rd in 100 Breast, 3rd in Mixed Free Regional Relay
  • Natalia P: 16th in 50 Free
  • Matthew L: 14th 100 Back, 13th 50 Fly
  • Quinn F: 15th in 50 Free, 11th in 50 Fly, 5th in Mixed Medley Regional Relay
  • Div 7 Medley Boys 5th place: Matthew L, Henry L, Connor F, Tobey C
  • Div 1 Girls Free Relay – 5th place: Charley B, Adele G, Brisie C, Whitney E
  • Div 2 Boys Free Relay – 4th place: Ryan J, Oliver P, Griffin S, Jax R
  • Div 3 Boy Free Relay 5th place: Billy G, Viggo P, Jordan K, Jasper C
  • Div 6 Girls Free Relay 8th: Claudia P, Addison B, Chloe B, Natalia P
  • Div 7 Boys Free Relay 8th: Matthew L, Henry L, Connor F, Tobey C

Congratulations to all our mighty triathletes who participated in the Kids Triathlon last Sunday. There was a record number of kids this year (almost 60), and everyone walked away with a certificate/award, prized yellow triathlon swim cap, and proud feelings of accomplishment. Huge thanks to our volunteers, swim and facilities leaders, and triathlon coaches who made the morning a huge success!


The August Tennis Tournament wraps up today, and there has been some great tournament play with impressive rallies.

Tennis Awards, August 26 4pm
Come and celebrate our amazing tennis players as they receive the coveted CBSC family trophies for their excellence in tennis. Starting at 4pm on Courts 1 and 2.


The August Regatta and wind up BBQ was last weekend, and it was a great time on the water!

Thank you to the amazing group of sailing coaches and leaders of 2023. Thanks to each of them for their hard work and dedication sharing their love of sailing with the CBSC community.


Lost & Found

Make sure to check out the Lost & Found if you are missing anything. After the Gala, it will be cleared and donated.

The last Footraces of the summer is tonight at 7pm.