August 11, Pentathlon
August 12, Ladies’ Golf
August 12, Semiahmoo Cup
August 13, Parent/Grandparent & Child Tennis
August 14, Bullhead Derby
August 18, BINGO

Week 6
Lots to Know, so Take Your Pick

It’s been an exciting week! This week’s eSeahorse is chock-full of important updates, so take note.

A New President

Earlier this week we announced our new club President Sid for the next two summers. And it looks like the green dress fits!

“In days of yore, he first took his plunge,
As the ball-catcher for bingo, he made us lunge,
With cards and candy, and a playful wink,
He made sure our bingo nights were in sync.
As the club’s secretary, meticulous and neat,
He kept records in order, oh, what a feat!
Organized and efficient, he had the knack,
For keeping our swim club on the right track.
But his true feat of wonder, we all must agree,
Was co-leading our fundraising, as nothing comes for free!
With passion and drive, he raised quite a sum,
For a sparkling new pool where we all could have fun.”

Congratulations Sid Landolt! In his acceptance speech, Sid stated, “I am honoured to be taking on the role of President and grateful for this opportunity to give back to CBSC for all the the club has done for our family.”

Kate Montgomerie, our incumbent President, hasn’t left her post just yet. We want to thank her for the incredible work she has done over the past two years. If you see her around over the next two weeks, make sure to congratulate her for a job well done.

(The four most recent First Spouses, imparting their wisdom
with incoming First Spouse, Cindy Landolt.)

Volunteer Recognition Award

The bedrock of our club for 105 years and counting has been our volunteerism spirit and our can-do attitude. Each year we hand out an award to someone who exemplifies this in an outstanding way.

A heartfelt congratulations to this year’s Volunteer Recognition Award recipient: Wendy Clendenin! She most certainly is a current rock star volunteer, and in fact has been for many, many years, putting on Family Picnics, and being part of the Swimming Committee in various roles. “What sets her apart, other than the sheer number of hours that she gives to the CBSC, is the kindness she shows to every parent and child she crosses paths with.” If you see Wendy, make sure to congratulate her and thank her for all she does for the club and its members.

Sally is watching, and knows that there are many volunteers within our club that are going above and beyond throughout the summer, so thank you!


Dev Swim

This year Dev Swim has 2 groups with over 100 swimmers spending an hour a day 4 days a week in the pool training hard! Many of them competed in our CBSC B meet last month and a few brave swimmers joined the CBSC Swim Team at our local swim meets!

If you haven’t seen the CBSC IG posts, Dev Swim also started a new tradition: Sr. Dev Swimmer of the Week and Jr. Dev Swimmer of the Week!

Here are the Swimmers of the Week from the last 5 weeks:

  • Week 1: Ruby (jr) and Maika (sr)
  • Week 2: Piper (jr) and Matt (sr)
  • Week 3: Dave (jr) and Dylan (sr)
  • Week 4: Jack (jr) and Ayla (sr)
  • Week 5: Rowan (jr) and Gavin (sr)

Now that you know, make sure to watch out for IG posts from Dev Swim and show them some 💚. Thanks Coaches (Chloe, Blake, Kate, Lily, Maggie and Sophie) you are doing a great job helping to build a strong CBSC Swim Team!!

Comp Swim

A team of 75 CBSC swimmers attended the Fraser South Regional Meet last weekend – that is the largest CBSC Team we have ever taken to regionals! They swam 209 individual events and had 24 relay teams – all that swimming kept our 5 coaches very busy all weekend long! Lots of amazing swimming culminated in 31 swimmers qualifying for the BCSSA Provincial Championships. They have donned their new purple PQ caps and are headed to Nanaimo August 18,19, 20th.

Congratulations to our CBSC PQers:

Addison Bailey, Berkeley Berretta, Chloe Berretta, Charley Brewster, Charlie Buschel, Brisie Chan, Cora Clendenin, Tobey Clendenin, Audrey Cox, Jasper Cox, Whitney Edworthy, Connor Fong, Conner Forrest, Cleo Francoeur, Quinn Funke, Adele Graves, Ashley Gray, Billy Gray, Ryan Johnson, Jordan Klawer, Henry Lee, Matthew Lopes, Taryn MacKenzie, Viggo Patterson-Ott, Oliver Peyman, Claudia Phillips, Natalia Phillips, Jax Rosette, Andrea Sanchez, Silvia Sanchez, Griffin Springate


The August Tanker Swim takes place at the tanks at The Point on Sunday, August 27 at 9am. Eligible tankers in lessons will be contacted through their swim coach with a letter handed out in class. However, if your child is in Strokers 1 swim lessons or higher, please let their swim coach know right away if they have never swum the tank and are interested in participating.

The August Swim Gala takes place at the club pool and begins immediately following the Tanker Swim.
Sign Up NOW on the bulletin board outside the clubhouse. Deadline for sign-up is 3pm on Monday, August 21. Deck entries will NOT be allowed for individual races but will be allowed for relays.

You are eligible to participate in the Gala if you have attended at least one week of lessons in the four weeks prior to the Gala or have attended three weeks of lessons over the summer. Swim Lessons, Artistic Swimming, Developmental and Competitive Swimming, Water Polo, Triathlon, Lifesaving, and Junior Lifeguard Club all qualify.

Completion of a Tanker swim is preferable before the first Gala.

You must sign up in your specific age group. Your age is as of the day of the Gala.

Participants may only register in one Freestyle event in their age group and may only sign up in TWO INDIVIDUAL races. Participants may sign up for as many relays as they wish. Relays include Family and Adult races. Full details and rules are posted at the clubhouse.

Kids Triathlon, Sunday August 20

The annual Kids Triathlon is coming up on Sunday, August 20th! Age groups are 9-10, 11-12 and 13-15. Check ActiveNet for more details and to register before the August 17th deadline.


The Tennis Carnival was a hit with many prizes and fun challenges for our young tennis players. Even with the intermittent showers, it didn’t dampen any enthusiasm!

Parent/Guardian/Grandparent & Child, Sunday August 13
One of our favourite events of the summer is almost here! Sign up your child participant (16 and younger as of December 31, 2023) through ActiveNet. Reminder, both participants must be current CBSC Members.

See schedule for your starting time:


August Regatta, Saturday August 19
The August Regatta is scheduled for Saturday August 19th. Come test your mettle against your fellow sailors with trophies and bragging rights up for grabs! New for this event is the “Chutes and Wires” category, which should either produce dramatic feats of skill or YouTube worthy fails, either of which will be entertaining! Registration is now open on ActiveNet.

Following the Regatta, we will be hosting the Sailing BBQ at the pool beginning at 5:00pm. Burgers (Beef & Beyond) are available with salads and drinks & chips to be pre-purchased on ActiveNet. Bring your swimsuit!

Schedule of events is as follows:

Senior Race
Registration closes at 10:45AM

Family Race
Registration closes at 12:00AM

Chutes & Wires
Registration closes at 1:15PM

Junior Race
Registration closes at 2:45PM

Open Race
Registration closes at 4:00PM

Junior SUP
Registration closes at 12:30PM

Senior SUP
Registration closes at 1:30PM

Hope to see you out there on the water!


Men’s Golf Thank You’s

Thanks to all the Men’s Golf participants last Saturday…yes, even Bruno! It was a great day of golf and the after party was one for the books. The golf committee would like to send out a special thank you to Anne Walsh for her donated prizes. To Brad Testini for his great prize, and the others who donated various gifts for our mystery book door prize raffle game. The group received many compliments from the golf course on what a nice group of people we all are and that’s always good feedback! The Mexican theme was loved by all (shout out to the chef!) and new ideas are already being developed for next year. Final thank you to the office staff, maintenance staff, lifeguards and our amazing on course/bar staff Teriann and Heidi. See you all next year, fore-sure!

Bullhead Derby, Monday August 14 (ages 12 and under)

Join us at the pier Monday, August 14 for the AUGUST 2023 BULLHEAD DERBY! Rumour has it the bullheads are biting, again. Registration at the pier at 6pm, fishing from 6:30 to 7:30pm, followed by prizes, prizes, prizes!!! Hot tip: Throw your bait in sun this weekend to get it ready… or is that a bait and switch tactic?!? Bring your own bait, tackle and rod. See you at the pier. ~ FREE

BINGO, Friday August 18
7:30pm (after Footraces)

It’s BINGO, Part 2! Bring your toonies, good luck charms and enthusiasm for winning money or mystery prizes. At Alexandra Park immediately following Footraces. The first game might be a big one, so get your blankets down early! Fee: $2 per card.

Tennis Court Dance (Little Kids’ Dance)
Tuesday August 22 from 6 – 7pm FREE

Calling all kids 7 and under to dress up in your favourite party clothes and join Rhys and a special guest on the tennis courts for “Sally’s Shaker”. Have a great time dancing, then finish with a treat! To help us with our planning, please register through your ActiveNet account by 10am on Monday, August 21.

Pentathlon, Friday August 11 (Tonight!)

Come out and cheer on the participants of the last Pentathlon of the summer! If you are registered, meet at the lifeguard tower right after Footraces.


July Gala Ribbons
We still have some unclaimed July Gala ribbons in the clubhouse for pickup. Enter using the doorway off of the pool deck.


The theme for August will be ROYALTY! Dress up as your favourite Royal Character and join the coaches in a fun filled lesson of costumes, candy and more!!

  • Tennis Fun Days: Due to the Tennis Tournament during the last week of our programs, Tennis Fun Days will take place during your last August Tennis lesson on either Thursday, August 17, Friday August 18, or Saturday, August 19!
  • Swim Program Fun Days: Will be on your last lesson day of August. For most Swim Programs, that will be Friday, August 25.

Wow, that was a lot of intel. Now it’s probably time to take a power nap to recharge. Good luck to our Lady Golfers and our Semiahmoo Cup team on Saturday!
As always, Footraces tonight at 7pm.