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August 28, Tank Swim, August Gala & Awards

The Noble Order of the Chair 2022

On Thursday night at the Summer AGM, one of CBSC’s cherished traditions, “The Chair” was awarded to a stalwart volunteer couple. This award does not come around that often, and is reserved for the leaders amongst our volunteers for their lifetime achievement in the Club, admired by us all. They set the bar high and are role models for us to follow behind.

And as tradition dictates, their history of service was presented in a poem. The following are a few stanzas from the full poem presented:

But the admiration of the community – that we supply;
And for lifetime achievement – we do more than try.

Tonight we celebrate a couple who gave, gave and gave.
They are role models for all, they are two of our faves.
Few have done more for the club and our kids
And been recognized less for all that they did.

This chair is a reminder of the great times we’ve had
And the stories it tells are more happy than sad.
Dierdre and John Carter are chair worthier than most.
So tonight, we celebrate them, and we thank them, and we offer a toast!

(Full poem can be enjoyed HERE)

Congratulations to Dierdre and John Carter.