Let’s Rewind:
Last Day August Gala Awards

There’s a lot that goes into the August Gala Day and a lot of people-power putting it all together. Sometimes a minor error happens. In true CBSC form, thankfully we have the ability to rewind, and listen in on the Generations Relay results re-announced by Bob. Let’s go back in time to Sunday, August 27 – this is the magic of CBSC!

Here is the official ‘Top 8’ of the Generations Relay:

Place Name
1st Lucy, Ted & Dan Dawson
2nd Indigo Twigg, Glencora Twigg & Leslie Cliff
3rd Mark, Chris & Levi Brewster
4th Charley, Chris & Mark Brewster
5th Dave, Kai & Doug McCallum
6th Allan, Rhys & Whitney Edworthy
7th Mark, Will & Jan Messcu
8th Jessie, Penny & Dan Dawson

Lucy, Ted and Dan broke their old record set in 2018 of 0:59:92. The new record is 0:55:30!

And not to be outdone, Indigo, Glencora and Leslie become the first all-female team to win!

Congrats 👏👏👏 to these new records set by TWO generational families!

Happy fall, winter and spring everyone, and we’ll see you all in
Summer 2024!