Goodbye For Now

That’s a wrap on the CBSC Summer of 2020 that “almost didn’t happen.” It was different, but it was special.

Take care everyone. ‘Til next Summer.

Congratulations to all of the following recipients of awards or prizes!


While we were not able to have our Galas this summer, we were able to present some of our trophies for the Summer of 2020.

The following trophies were awarded at the conclusion of programs this past Friday:

Wiles Trophy for outstanding progress in lessons: Mathys Youngberg.

Artistic Swim Awards:

  • Mathisen Trophy for Most Improved: Shay L.
  • Barnett Trophy for Most Enthusiastic/Determined: Lily D.

Lifesaving Award:

  • Adelma Gilley Trophy for hardest work: Emily P.

Water Polo Award:

  • Stewart Trophy for most improved: Jack L.

Triathlon Awards:

  • Fahy Trophy Most Dedicated Triathlete: Chase B.
  • Most Improved: Kaeden B.

From our July and August Tank Swims, the ages were carefully calculated and the Kidd Medal Winners for Summer 2020, starting with the youngest are:

  1. Ruby S.
  2. Veronica D.
  3. Dave D.
  4. Stanley H.
  5. Noah R.
  6. Adele G.

The final awards handed out were the ones that the coaching staff voted for, these are very special peer voted awards:

  • The Shelly Shield was awarded to Natalie C.
  • The Bob and Carole Gair Coaching Award was awarded to Will M.


  • Ted Perry Award for Coaching Excellence – Asher C.

Orange Boys:

  1. Jordan K.
  2. Cole O.
  3. Chase B.

Green Boys:

  1. Landon B.
  2. Gabriel B.
  3. Evan S.

Green Girls:

  1. Elyse B.
  2. Shay L.
  3. Olivia C.

Regular Boys:

  1. Evan C.
  2. Liam V.
  3. Zach A.

High-Performance Boys:

  1. Bennett D.
  2. Duncan M.
  3. Adam J.

High-Performance Girls:

  1. Sydney A.
  2. Chloe M.
  3. Sadie L.


  1. Courtney C.
  2. Ashley B.
  3. Helen V.


  1. Colin O.
  2. Asher C.
  3. Matt O.


  • Most Improved Junior Sailor – Parker G. & Jack N.
  • Most Improved Senior Sailor – Elise I.

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