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Sailing Program 2017

The CBSC Sailing Program is designed to foster enthusiasm for sailing and paddleboarding. Creative and energetic instructors create a fun and active learning environment for our sailors. Both beginning sailors and those returning to increase their skills will be individually challenged and rewarded as they achieve success throughout their courses.  

Maximum class sizes of 12 students with 2 instructors allow for excellent sailor to coach interactions. Our fleet consists of RS Quests, a safe and dependable boat that offers the ultimate learning platform for sailors of all abilities.  With a spacious cockpit and generous boom clearance, these are the "must have" boats for clubs around the world! All skills are demonstrated on the water at the dock with means more time for fun on the water!

Life jackets are not supplied. They are mandatory, must be worn, and must be government approved. We also recommend sunscreen, a hat and sailing shoes or closed toed shoes are worn for all classes.

Paddleboarding - Now in Year 2!
Building off our momentum in 2016, we are excited to continue Paddleboarding on the Peninsula. This is a great way to learn this fast-growing sport in a safe and supportive environment.


This course is designed to introduce sailing to those aged 9-11 years. The focus is on learning basic sailing skills. Curriculum includes the basics of tacking, jibing and simple boat handling skills. Two weeks: MTThF. Fee: $155
Set #1:  July 17-28  9:30am-12pm   
Set #2:  July 31 - Aug 11  3-5:30pm

A course developed for sailors aged 9+ who have completed Sailing Basics or White Sail I and want extra instruction time on the water to enhance their sailing skills. One week: MTThF. Fee: $85
Set #1:  July 10-14  9:30-12pm  
Set #2:  July 31 - Aug 4  12:15-2:45pm

A course created to allow parents and children aged 9+ to develop basic sailing skills together. Our most popular program. One week: MTThF, and now on weekends! Fee: $85 per sailor
Set #1:  July 3-7  6:30-9pm  
Set #2:  July 10-14  6:30-9pm  
Set #3:  July 17-21  6-8:30pm  
Set #4:  July 24-28  6-8:30pm  
Set #5:  July 31 - Aug 4 6-8:30pm
Set #6:  Aug 7-11  6-8:30pm  
Set #7:  Aug 14-18  6-8:30pm  
Set #8:  Aug 21-25  6-8:39pm  
Set #9:  July 8,9,15,16  9:30-12pm  
Set #10:  July 22,23,29,30  9:30am-12pm  
Set #11:  Aug 5,6,12,13  9:30am-12pm

This CYA (Canadian Yachting Assn.) course is for new sailors aged 11+. Safety, knots, and basic skipper and crew skills are covered in the curriculum. Sailors will be introduced to basic double-handed sailing in dinghies. Two weeks: MTWThF. Fee: $250 + manual
Set #1:  July 3-14  3-6pm  
Set #2:  July 17-28  12-3pm

Sailors will refine their basic skills as both skipper and crew. Students begin to understand how to make boats sail quickly and efficiently. Sailors generally require up to 2 weeks of training to complete the CANSail 2 skill set. It is recommended that they participate in a Regatta to further implement the skill set. Two weeks: MTWThF. Fee: $225 + manual
Set #1:  July 17-28  3-6pm  
Set #2:  Aug 14-25  12:15-3:15pm

CANSAIL LEVEL 3 (formerly Bronze IV)
This advanced CYA course is for sailors aged 13+ who have achieved their White Sail III skills. This course is taught in a Quest and emphasizes boat speed and maneuver efficiency while introducing students to a racing environment that emphasizes technical accuracy over results. Sailors are required to compete in a weekend Regatta to complete the level. Four weeks: MTWThF.  Fee: $330 + manual
Set #1:  July 31 - Aug 25  9am-12pm

This is a friendly program for sailors aged 16+ who have basic (if rusty) sailing skills. Valuable techniques and sneaky pirate tricks will be covered. The social side of sailing will be explored. Jack & Jill's are encouraged! Wednesdays only, 4 weeks.  Fee: $90/set or $150 for both sets
Set #1:  July 5-26  6:15-8:45pm  
Set #2:  Aug 2-23  6-8:30pm

This year we are offering a Sailing Leaders Program for students aged 14+. Leaders consists of 1 week of instruction on coaching techniques and 15+ hours of volunteering with a sailing class. The instructional part of the course runs the first week of lessons (July 3 - 7) from 12-2pm. The students have input on the dates of their volunteer coaching. It is preferred that Cansail Level 3 is completed to participate in the program. Fee: $95
Set #1:  July 3-7 12-2pm

Races are for all students and club members. Our "Parent and Child" race is always popular. Celebrate after the August race with a barbeque. Trophies will be awarded for the August Regatta!
July Regatta: Sunday, July 23
August Regatta: Sunday, August 20


Spend your summer enjoying the fastest growing ocean craze, “SUP” or Stand-up Paddle boarding, fun for all ages! Whether you are looking for a full body/core work out or just want to leisurely paddle around and check out marine life at the Pier, Blackie’s Spit or a trip to the Sand Bar, this is the activity for you!  We are pleased to offer brand new paddle boards for the use of all club members, however, members under the age of 19 must complete the ORIENTATION course to sign out the boards without direct adult supervision.

Please review the SUP outline for more detailed information about the program:

CBSC SUP 2016.pdf

This course provides members 14+ (or 8+ with an adult) with the minimal instruction needed to stay safe while paddleboarding in Crescent Beach. Upon completion of this introductory course you will have access to sign out the CBSC paddleboards all summer.  Fee: $20
Set #1:  July 5  12-1pm
Set #2:  July 8  12-1pm
Set #3:  July 12  12-1pm
Set #4:  July 15  12-1pm
Set #5:  Aug 2  12-1pm

Our full instructional offering for 14+ (or 8+ with an adult). Learn to understand the currents and tides at Crescent Beach, basic safety, right of way, self-rescue, paddle techniques and plenty of practice paddle time.  Two weeks: MTh or TF.  Fee: $45 per paddler
Set #1:  Jul 3-13  MTh  11:15-1pm  
Set #2:  Jul 4-14  TF  11:15-1pm
Set #3:  Jul 3-13  MTh  6:15-8pm
Set #4:  Jul 4-14  TF  3:15-5pm
Set #5:  Jul 17-27  MTh  11:15-1pm
Set #6:  July 18-28  TF  11:15-1pm
Set #7:  July 17-27  MTh  6:15-8pm
Set #8:  July 18-28  TF  3:15-5pm  
Set #9:  July 31 - Aug 10  MTh  11:15-1pm
Set #10:  Aug 1-11  TF  11:15am-1pm
Set #11:  July 31 - Aug 10  MTh  6:15-8pm
Set # 12:  Aug 1-11  TF  3:15-5pm
Set #13:  Aug 14-24  MTh  11:15-1pm
Set #14:  Aug 15-25  TF  11:15-1pm
Set #15:  Aug 14-24  MTh  6:15-8pm
Set #16:  Aug 15-25  TF  3:15-5pm

Enjoy a leisurely sunset paddle around the bay. No experience required, and a coach on hand to get you going if you need any basic instruction. Registrations can be made throughout the summer based on availability. Wednesday evenings. Fee: $20/night
July 5  8:30-10pm
July 12  8:30-10pm
July 19  8:30-10pm
July 26  8:15-9:45pm
Aug 2  8-9:30pm
Aug 9  7:45-9:15pm
Aug 16  7:45-9:15pm
Aug 23  7:30-9pm

TUESDAY NIGHT Standup Paddle "RACE" (aka "SUPper" Club)
Don't take the word "race" to literally! You can be as competitive or as casual as you like. Bring Your Own Board or reserve a club board. The "race" is a paddle from the pier up to the Nikomekl for exactly 25 minutes and then back to the pier... people can take it easy or lean into it, but most people should get back right around 50 minutes. Race closes after 60 minutes. Some light instruction/advice will be provided. All skill levels welcome! Open to 14+ (or 8+ with adult). Pre-registration at the beginning of summer or "drop in" register at the beach by Target Street at 6pm on race nights. Fee: $30 for all 4 races or $10 per drop in race
Set #1:  July 4-25  7-9pm
Set #2:  Aug 1-22  6:30-8:30pm

CBSC members and their guests who have sailing experience can sign out the sailboats.
You can also sign out the paddleboards (members under 19 must have completed the ORIENTATION course). A staff member has the rescue boat ready if you need assistance.
Free Sail or Paddle is on Saturday and Sunday afternoons (12-6pm) except Regatta dates.
It's free & fun!

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