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Sailing Program 2019

The CBSC Sailing Program is designed to foster enthusiasm for sailing and paddleboarding. Creative and energetic instructors create a fun and active learning environment for our sailors. Both beginning sailors and those returning to increase their skills will be individually challenged and rewarded as they achieve success throughout their courses.  

Maximum class sizes of 12 students with 2 instructors allow for excellent sailor to coach interactions. Our fleet consists of RS Quests, a safe and dependable boat that offers the ultimate learning platform for sailors of all abilities.  With a spacious cockpit and generous boom clearance, these are the "must have" boats for clubs around the world! All skills are demonstrated on the water at the dock with means more time for fun on the water!

Life jackets are not supplied. They are mandatory, must be worn, and must be government approved. We also recommend sunscreen, a hat and sailing shoes or closed toed shoes are worn for all classes.


New!! JUNIOR NAVIGATORS (*Minimum age 6 at time course starts)

This beginner program is conducted by our senior coaches. It is designed to introduce our youngest sailors to open water safety, and boating safety, in a fun and safe learning environment. Whether they are on a short, fun sailing ride or having a sandcastle contest on the sandbar these young sailors will learn that being safe on the water is part of the fun. With a high coach to student ratio, we ensure high standards of supervision and safety. *Recommended completion of Beginner Gliders. 1 week/4 session, 2 1/2 hour sessions. Fee: $100/Student

JUNIOR WATERFRONT SAFETY 7-9 (Minimum age 7 at time course starts)

This sailing program was sold out last summer and had some of our best summer photos! It is designed for those kids ages 7-9 who are just starting their journey as young sailors. Designed to be a subsequent course to our Junior Navigators, this course maintains our high coach to sailor ratio ignorer to ensure that each young sailor is engages at all times throughout the course. This action-packed course will introduce one water safety, boating safety, and the most basic sailing skills in a fun and safe environment. 1 week/4 sessions, 2 1/2 hour sessions. Fee: $100/Student

FAMILY SAIL (Must be born in 2010 or earlier) 

This is a course designed to introduce sailing in a family-oriented environment for those new to the sailing community. This one-week program will build confidence in the boats and basic sailing skills while sailing against some of CBSC's most spectacular sunsets. It is designed as a transition course for our more inexperienced sailors to indulge in the world of sailing while accompanied by their family. There will be a maximum of 7 families in each course and each family will receive their own boat. Fee: $100/Student

JUNIOR QUEST (Must be born in 2009 or earlier)

This two-week program is designed for youth aged 10-12. It introduces boating safety and basic sailing skills in a safe and fun environment. Our Junior Quest course teaches basic fundamental sailing skills through guided discovery. Each class is tailored to suit every sailors individual needs. This is the perfect starting point for someone who wants to begin sailing. Fee: $200  

LEADERS *Newly refreshed for 2019 (Must be born 2004 or earlier)

The leaders program is designed for those sailing students who have completed their CANsail 3 and are now ready to start learning to be a sailing instructor. This course will fine tune our leaders sailing abilities as well as teach the basics of lesson planning, briefing and debriefing students, class control and teaching sailing lessons. It is a prerequisite to joining the CBSC sailing staff and makes for an easy transition into the Fundamentals and Technical programs. This course includes a Leader's t-shirt. Fee: $100 

New!! SAIL GREEN (Minimum age 11 at time course starts)

For sailors to learn CANSail levels 1-2. This course is designed for young sailors who are looking for a fun introduction to the CANSail sailing program. Games and challenges mix fun and skill to create a comprehensive environment for learning how to sail with CBSC. While working towards accreditation. Our certified coaches will work to complement curriculum around the sailor's specific needs. This course will touch on safety, knots, and basic sailing skills, and maneuvers that are covered in the Sail Canada curriculum. Fee: $275/Student for 2 weeks

New!! SAIL GOLD (Minimum age 12 at time course starts)

For sailors to learn CANSail levels 3-6. This more advanced sailing program allows for sailors to develop their complex sailing skills through games and challenges that can be applied to their practical sailing experience. This course encourages sailors to integrate the fundamentals of boat handling with the tactics and strategy used in the racing environment. Sailors are also introduced to the concepts of rig tuning and weather predictions. This is the ideal course for those who have completed their CANSail 2 and are looking to expand on their sailing skills and knowledge and maybe even work towards joining our coaching staff. Fee: $275/Student for 2 weeks

New!! ADULT SAILING (Minimum age 19 at time course starts)

This course is for those interested in learning or expanding on their sailing knowledge in a social environment. Those of any sailing experience level are welcome to join us every Wednesday evening for 2 hours of sailing lessons and skill building and one hour of general sailing. This is a very social and relaxed course evening where the coaches have the opportunity to tailor each evening to the student's specific needs. Fee: $100/month

Last summer a number of families booked private lessons to learn to sail on our beautiful bay in a private environment with our Sail Canada certified coaches. This is a great way to make memories with friends and family or to practice what you have learned. Our staff will be happy to help you learn some basic skills or improve your racing tactics. Our one-on-one coaching is one the most effective ways to learn sailing at every level. Fee: $30/Hour (discounts when you purchase blocks of 10 or more hrs.) Email: to reserve a time and instructor, and then pay through your ActiveNet account.


Please review the SUP outline for more detailed information about the program:

2019 - SUP.pdf

PADDLEBOARD ORIENTATION (Minimum age 14 at time course starts, or 8 with an adult)
This one hour course provides members with the instruction needed to stay safe while paddleboarding in Crescent Beach. Upon completion of this introductory course you will have access to sign out the CBSC paddleboards all summer. Fee: $15

STAND UP PADDLEBOARD (Must be born 2007 or earlier, or 8 with an adult)
This is our introductory Paddleboard course where we explore Crescent Beach while learning more about this fun and healthy activity. These classes will be supervised and led by our experienced Paddleboard staff who will be able to help you learn and improve your technique. In this course you will begin to understand the currents and tides at Crescent Beach, basic safety, right of way, self-rescue, paddle techniques and plenty of practice paddling in all weather conditions. 2 weeks/4 sessions, 1 hour classes. Fee: $65

New!! PARENT & CHILD PADDLEBOARD (Minimum age 8 at time of course starts)

Get some quality time with family members while learning Paddleboarding from our coaches in a safe and fun environment. For 2019 coaches have been re-trained by a formally accredited Paddleboard coach and there will be a small course of floats by the Tank to hone the basics of this growing sport that is good for family fun and fitness. 2 weeks/4 sessions. 1 hour classes. Fee: $65

New!! TEEN PADDLEBOARD (Must be born 2007 or earlier)

For just two very special evenings this summer teens can hang out with their friends while having fun on the water with their Stand Up Paddleboards. After a short lesson, come back to our beloved CBSC Tank for a snack while watching the sunset. Fee: $20

SUNSET PADDLE (Minimum age 19 at time course starts)

This has historically been a very popular event and for 2019, for just two very special evenings this summer you can enjoy a guided evening paddle while watching a phenomenal CBSC sunset. This is a perfect way to spend an evening out in Crescent Beach with friends, or to make some new ones. To finish off this evening there is a relaxing surprise courtesy of the CBSC sailing committee. Fee: $40

STAND UP PADDLE BOARD CLUB (Minimum age 15, or 8 with an adult)

This course is for both beginners and experience paddlers eager to expand on their knowledge and technique. Join this group of passionate paddle boarders to meet people who share the common interest of the sport and to improve technique. With fun and safety being the number one goal of this course, each session can be adapted to suit every individual's level of experience. Please bring your own board. Fee: $15 including board rental or Free if you bring your own board! 


FREE SAIL OR FREE PADDLEBOARD (Minimum age 14, or 8 with an adult)

Come out and enjoy a sail or paddleboard every weekend from 12-4pm for CBSC members and accompanied guests. With our coaches on the water offering you some tips and tricks, you can feel safe and supervised while meeting other passionate CBSC members and exploring our beautiful venue. Free Sail is open to CBSC Members who have sailing experience and are a minimum of 14. CBSC Members are also permitted to bring guests for Free Sail or Free Paddle but a CBSC Member must be present. For paddleboards - those under 19 must have completed an orientation course even if they are accompanied by an adult. Free

New!! RED CROSS STANDARD FIRST AID; CPR (Minimum age 12 at time of registration)

Comprehensive two-day course offering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those who need training due to CBSC requirements or work requirements, or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies. Fee: $70 for one day refresher or $120 for two day course

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