Crescent Beach Swimming Club

The Crescent Beach Swimming Club is located at the foot of McBride Avenue, adjacent to Blackie Spit, in Surrey BC.  

Mary Nordby, the club secretary, manages the Clubhouse. The office is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays from 9-12pm and in the afternoons, but our closing time will vary. The Clubhouse is a work area and occasional classroom for coaches. Children are asked to stay outside. Dogs and bicycles are not allowed in the Clubhouse or the pool compound.

Office staff: Mary Nordby, Teriann Carmichael, Gail Gooper, Robyn Alexander, Courtney Carmichael, Eden Zandstra 

Clubhouse Phone: 604.538.2180


The CBSC phone number is only in service for the months of July & August. We will not be checking our email until the beginning of May. 

The CBSC Mailing Address*
Box 45020 
Ocean Park PO 
12851 16th Ave,
Surrey, BC, V4A 9L1

*Our physical location and mailing address are two different locations.

To view your CBSC account online, go to  

Inclement Weather Policy

• Tennis lessons will be closed when the courts are wet due to rain.

• The pool will be closed in the event of lightning.

We will do our best to send out the eSeahorse for updates in certain circumstances, but it may not be an up-to-the-minute update. No refund or make up classes are offered in lieu of cancelled classes.

Parking Policy

Please note that the area in front of the swimming pool gates must be kept clear of all vehicles including bicycles, cars, scooters, etc., in order to allow access at all times for emergency vehicles as well as supply trucks, pedestrians, and strollers. This includes the area extending from the pool gates themselves and in front of the clubhouse steps, right out to the first driving lane of the parking lot. All walkways should also be kept clear. Bicycles should be parked in an orderly fashion at the bike racks. 

Parents, please help us enforce this parking policy by teaching children the need for this safety rule and the importance of following this procedure. All members, please encourage everyone to park properly. Thank you for your help and cooperation!  

CBSC's approximate location on a map is here:

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