Week 6, Two Weeks to Go!

This week, our incoming Club president for the next 2 years was announced by Jamie Watson, our current president:

So long, farewell, it’s been a lot of fun
I hate to go, but now my time is done

With my rhyme complete I would like to get to the
introduction of the next President…

  • This person brings a strong work ethic and is no stranger to spending hours volunteering.
  • This person is honoured to be the next president.
  • This person is also a long-standing member of the Club.
  • This person also has many friends and family that have been through and are still involved with our Club.

This person….

Do we have a front runner on the betting?

OK… Ok… Ok I’ll get to the point.

Please join me in welcoming your next Club president… Kate Montgomerie

Congratulations, Kate, you will do great!

And congratulations as well, to our Volunteer of the Year Award recipient (aka Current Rock Star) – Jane Gibson. It was a tough decision for the board, as there were several nominees who were seriously considered – it’s not an easy task to single out one person – a very lucky problem to have, as we have many committed volunteers in our club!.

Jane has been involved on the swim committee as water polo rep. for many years, and this year took on the task of giving our website and online clothing sales a facelift. Thank you, Jane!


The theme for August will be CELEBRITIES AND ATHLETES! Dress up and join the coaches in a fun filled day of costume parades, stickers, candy and more!!

Tennis Fun Days will take place on Thursday, August 19 and Friday August 20 due to the Tennis Tournament the following week!

Swim Fun Day will be on your last lesson day of August. For most Swim Programs that will be Friday, August 27.



The August Tanker Swim takes place at the tanks at The Point on Sunday, August 29 at 9am. Eligible tankers in lessons will be contacted through their swim coach with a letter handed out in class. However, if your child is in Strokers 1 swim lessons or higher, please let their swim coach know right away, if they have never swum the tank and are interested in participating.


The August Swim Gala takes place at the Club pool and begins immediately following the Tanker Swim.

Sign up NOW on the bulletin board outside the Clubhouse. Deadline for sign-up is 3pm on Monday, August 23. Deck entries will NOT be allowed for individual races but will be allowed for relays.

  • You are eligible to participate in the Gala if you are signed up for at least one week of Swim Lessons, Training, Artistic Swim, Water Polo, Lifesaving, Junior Lifeguard, or Triathlon in July or you are a CBSC member 15 years or older.
  • Completion of a Tanker swim is preferable before the first Gala.
  • You must sign up in your specific age group. Your age is as of the day of the Gala.
  • Participants may only register in one Freestyle event in their age group and may only sign up in TWO INDIVIDUAL races.
  • Participants may sign up for as many relays as they wish. Relays include Family and Adult races.

Full details and rules are posted at the clubhouse.

New Race!

We have added two new events to the Gala! Event 19B and Event 20B: Women’s and Men’s 50m freestyle event for ages 19+. The Gala rules apply to these individual events (no deck entries and must be a member). Medals for 1st to 3rd place and ribbons for 4th to 8th place. Please sign up on the board at the Clubhouse by the deadline.


Kids’ Triathlon, Sunday August 22

The Kids Triathlon is coming up on August 22nd at 8:30am. Deadline to enter this fun, free, annual event is Thursday August 19 at 1pm in the clubhouse or on ActiveNet for each of the age groups 9-10years; 11-12 years, 13-15 years old. More info about distances etc. is available online.

If you can spare some time to be a course marshal and cheer on our triathletes between 8:15-10am on August 22, we’d love to see you out! Please email triathlon@cbswimclub.ca. Thank you!


Parent/Grandparent & Child Tournament, Sunday August 15

This Sunday August 15th please come out for the CBSC parent/grandparent and child tennis tournament! This event will start at 10am with the U8 age group. The official tournament rules and schedule is available below via the google docs link. Please note that all competitors must be current CBSC members! If you have any questions or would like to register please contact hctennis@cbswimclub.ca

CLICK to view tournament details


August Regatta & BBQ, Sunday August 22

August Regatta is next up after a very successful July Regatta. August Regatta will have online registration through your Activenet account. Registration will be open for registration from Monday, August 16th to Saturday, August 21. These races are open to all abilities as long as prerequisites are met. For example, a SUP racer will need to have completed the sup orientation, laser bug racer will need to have completed voyagers and a sailor would have had to complete at least Sail green. Prerequisites will be checked before race day. If you are racing with more than one person, only one person needs to register the “team” and they must meet the prerequisites. If capacity allows it, we will allow some same day registration on Sunday at the beach for members only. Sunday’s registration will close 15 min before the race will start. Here is what the August Regatta is offering:

1. Senior Race
Age: CANsail 3 and up
Sign up closes at 10:45am
First race at 11:00am

2. Family Race
Age: any and any level
Sign up closes at 12:15pm
First race at 12:30pm

3. Junior Race
Age: CANsail 2 and under
Sign up closes at 1:45pm
First race at 2:00pm
***Laser Bugs included in this race***

4. Open Race
Sign up closes at 3:30pm
First race at 3:45pm

5. Junior SUP
Age: 12 and under
Sign up closes at 11:15am
First race at 11:30am

6. Senior SUP
Age: 13 and up
Sign up closes at 12:15pm
First race at 12:30pm

After the August Regatta we will have the Sailing BBQ. Please Register online through your ActiveNet account. The cost is $10 for Burger, beverage, chips and dessert. It will be held near the lifeguard tower after the last race.

Bullhead Derby – August

Why did the fish blush? Because It saw the ocean’s bottom🐠🤣

It’s getting hot, but there might be a breeze on the pier or the water. We would LOVE to see more entries for this months’ online Bullhead Derby. Feel free to challenge your friends and family. Prizes for most fish caught, ugliest/most unusual catch, largest and smallest bullhead. A reminder that there is a trophy for the largest fish caught of the summer. Riley Springate currently holds the title so get out there and bring him some competition! Last months’ contestants are welcome to re-enter for the August event as well.

Please take a picture of your child with their catch and include any measurements of any bullheads caught. Submit entries to bullheadderby@gmail.com. Entries to be submitted by the final week of August lessons. Time is passing quickly so get out there and bring in some “beauties”!

Pointer: What’s the easiest way to catch a fish? Have someone throw it to you🙄

July Gala Ribbons

Last call to pick up ribbons from the July Gala, ‘til the end of this week! 🥇🥈🥉Bags with race numbers just inside the Clubhouse back door.

Stay safe in the heat, slather on some sunscreen and stay hydrated!
And good luck to all the Men’s Golfers on Saturday – may the course be with you.

See you at Footraces tonight, 7pm (followed by Pentathlon)