Week 2 Almost Through!

This week’s first two dances held on the tennis courts were a huge success! Rumour has it some parents were trying to peak through to view the top secret epic dance moves by coaches and Seahorse dancers alike. And our first every Tank Yoga happened on the dock!

If you missed the Seahorse Welcome Video, here is the link to watch it, or watch again at your leisure. (You might want to skip to the 5-minute mark where the real show begins).

Hot Off the Press from the CBSC Concession!

The Concession gift cards have arrived and will be on sale and ready to load starting tomorrow, Friday July 16.

Aaaaand….Freezie Friday is here! We will have freezies available for purchase on Fridays.


We’ve had a great week 2! Please note that there is room in Floater and Glider classes for the rest of July and August. Check in at the office.

July 22 is the Artistic Swim Banana Split Day (in regular lesson timeslot). Show off your splits and eat some ice cream! Note that that this date is moved from July 20.

Coming up in Week 3 is our CBSC Swim Meet on Wednesday, July 21. Here are the links to sign up to help out with our competitive and developmental swim meet:

Swim times this week

Family Swim:
Saturday and Sunday 5:00-8:00pm

Adult lane swim:
Sunday adult lane swim is cancelled due to a Bronze course.


Adult & Child Tournament, Sunday July 18

  • 8 and under 10:00am
  • 10 and under 11:00am
  • 12 and under 12:00pm
  • 14/16 and under 1:00pm

Please register by sending your child’s name and age (as of Dec 31) to Matt and Asher at hctennis@cbswimclub.ca
Drop-ins will be accepted. Please arrive 15 mins early.

Any questions, please talk to the coaches!

CBSC 100 Summers Book

It’s the ‘Relaunch’ of CBSC’s coveted 100 SUMMERS Anniversary Book available at the July Gala on July 31! It’s a beautiful hard cover book that walks you through the Club’s proud 100 year history, the pool’s evolution and our club traditions. Have you ever wondered how Footraces began? Or PNO? Now is your chance to find out!

One book, $45 or buy 2 for only $80 (What a deal!)

3 ways to get your hands on this keepsake coffee table book:

  • Available to purchase in person at the July Gala.
  • Pre-order here through ActiveNet and pick up at the July Gala
  • Order through the office, in-person or email info@cbswimclub.ca

Pentathlon Dates for the Summer
Friday, July 16 (registration now closed)

FREE for ages 8 – 12 (must be 8 as of August 31, 2021) MUST BE A STRONG SWIMMER and comfortable swimming in the ocean.
Be prepared to do some ocean swimming, running and even getting messy, depending on the theme of the day!
Meet at the lifeguard tower right after Foot Races

Save these dates to participate in upcoming events:

July 30, August 13 and August 27

Registration for these will open at 9am on the Monday following each Pentathlon.

BULLHEAD DERBY – July & August

The CBSC Bullhead Derby is running “online” again this year. Submissions of ANY catch made at Crescent Beach are welcome (must be from the pier, the beach or a boat just off the beach). Please include the lengths of any bullheads caught along with a photo. Feel free to have fun and get creative! Entries will be accepted until the end of the July session with another e-Derby to run in August. Prizes will be awarded at the end of each month. Please submit entries to BullheadDerby@gmail.com. Can’t wait to see your catch!


*This is due to shipping delays on racing equipment*

Final call for volunteers! We are in need of more safety checkpoint volunteers around the course. If you do not need to be at the finish line and can help out, please email barkerbitter@gmail.com to sign up!

Snail River Run – FAQs

  1. How do I sign up for the race? Registration for the Snail River Run is all online – please click here to register.
  2. How long is the race? The Snail River Run is 3.67KM.
  3. How do I find a map of the course? This race begins at the footraces field, runs along the front beach, crosses over to the back of blackie spit, behind sunflower cafe, all the way over to the other end of the front beach and runs along the entire front beach back to the footraces field.
  4. What time does the race start? The race begins at 7PM.
  5. When do I have to be at the footrace field? Check-in time is 6:15PM
  6. Are the start times staggered per age group/category? Bikers start the race! Fastest bikers are first in line. There will be 4 biking heats that are sent 30 seconds apart (Heat 1 – 8&Under) (Heat 2 – 7&Under) (Heat 3 – 6&Under) (Heat 4 – 5&Under). Runners are after the bikers and all run together!
  7. Can I run alongside my child who is biking? Biking and running categories will be separate, if you’re wanting to run with your biker you will not start at the same time but could catch up.
  8. How do I check-in once I get to the field? Please go to the registration table to check-in and pick-up your race wristband.
  9. How is my time tracking for the race? When you check-in you will receive a wristband that will track your race time.
  10. Are the awards handed out right away? Yes! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners per category will be announced and awarded their medals at the end of the race. There will be a few announcements while we wait for the results.

Footraces is Friday night at 7pm, followed by the Pentathlon.
See you tomorrow night!