Update from Yesterday’s Event

I wanted to share a brief update of the events yesterday, July 13th. Shortly after 2:00pm, our Crescent Beach Life Guards (GBLG) became aware of a missing nine-year-old boy suspected of being in the water. This child was found very quickly and returned to his mother and the RCMP after a very intense twenty minutes. A missing child in the water is every parent’s worst fear, and I am thrilled to report that our new systems, procedures and highly trained staff responded perfectly.

This emergency response impacted our entire club as this procedure calls for our facilities to be closed and account for all members. I wanted to share with you why lessons were briefly impacted and thank you for understanding the need for us to support the search with all available staff and volunteers.

Please join me to celebrate the quick work of our entire team.

Great work to everyone involved in the search yesterday.

Thank you,
Jamie Watson, President