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100 Summers CBSC BookMissing CBSC summer days and need a pick me up? Why not pick up ‘100 Summers’ ? It’s guaranteed to lift your spirits this holiday season.

It’s a great read for everyone – our new members, for folks interested in becoming members, and even our long time members. Recently an over 60 year CBSC member and Past President commented that he always felt he really knew the Club’s history but he had no idea of the full extent of the club’s history until he read ‘100 Summers’. “It is filled with so much of our past history and it was an education to even a long term member like me.”

When you are writing your list and checking it twice, think about how great a gift this book would be under the tree. Only $40 per book when two or more are purchased. $45 for a single book. Click HERE to purchase on ActiveNet.

Available for pick up in Crescent Beach or can be mailed to you (at your cost).

Purchase early to make sure you get it on time!