Important Registration Time Slot
Information for Members

Online Enrolment to get a registration time slot is on Monday, May 16th at 8:00pm for all members except interested new members.

Volunteers, Founders and Alumni Staff: you will be emailed an enrolment link from on May 15th. Please use this link for your online enrolment. These links will not be active until May 16th at 8:00pm and will close on May 20th at 11:00pm.

  • Returning Members: the online enrolment links for returning members will be available on the registration page of the website CBSC Registration Page. The link will not be active until May 16th at 8:00pm.
  • New Members: New members are not participating in online enrolment this year. We will contact you via email by the end of May.

New this year: If you plan on participating in any activities or purchasing any event tickets (PNO, Snail River Run, Seahorse Dances, Men’s or Ladies’ Golf) you are required to complete online enrolment. If you are unsure at this time what you want to participate in, we highly recommend that you complete online enrolment. All event tickets will be sold on Registration Day this year.

If you only wish to purchase a returning membership for this summer you do not need to participate in online enrolment.

Registration will be at CBSC on July 2nd. You will receive an email with further registration instructions on June 17th, including your specific registration time.

Please continue to check the CBSC Registration Page for further updates. The 2022 schedules for Swim, Sailing and Tennis will be posted on the CBSC Registration Page on June 1st.

If you have any questions please contact our Registration Team at