August 23, Sally’s Shaker (aka Tennis Court Dance)
August 25, Art Swim Show & Summer AGM
August 27, Tennis Awards
August 28, Tank Swim, August Gala & Awards

August Tanker Swim & Gala Info

For the upcoming week, we have:

  • 9am: Tanker Swim at the Point
  • Immediately following Tanker Swim: Gala Races at the Club pool
  • 3:00pm: Half Mile Swim at the Point
  • 3:30pm: Awards Ceremony at the Point where Foot Races are held

Tank swim and Gala are this Sunday! The CBSC Concession will be open. Come hungry, and ready to eat, we want to sell out of everything!

2) The August Gala volunteers will need feeding and watering. If you can help Katherine by either volunteering to bring something for our hard-working volunteers, and/or help her distribute it, she would really appreciate it!

3) There are two more spots that need filling in the concession for the August gala!

Special notes:

  • Tuesday – Evening adult lane swim (8:30-9:30pm) is cancelled
  • Wednesday – Morning Masters and Water running are cancelled
  • Thursday – Evening Family Swim and Adult lane swims are cancelled due to the Artistic Swimming Show
  • Sunday – Family Swim is cancelled due to the Gala

Have a great week everyone!