Crescent Beach Swimming Club
Welcome to Crescent Beach Swimming Club - we’re happy to have you on the team for our 100th Summer.

The CBSC is the oldest summer swim club in British Columbia and over our 100-year history we have grown and changed and evolved; but we have always stayed true to our roots, and we have some great traditions to prove it.

Our mission is to “Create a community where children can have fun and learn skills & sportsmanship, while doing a variety of outdoor summer activities in a safe and inclusive beach environment; making memories for generations to come.” We are a volunteer run organization and while we are extremely proud of our kids when they do well in competitions, our real focus is on having good clean family outdoor fun.

We have a not-so-secret formula that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the CBSC. We are all about:

· Creating a sense of belonging and community

· Celebrating and maintaining traditions

· Developing future leaders

· Providing a variety of activities – something for everyone

· Developing strong lifelong relationships

· Bringing families together with full-family events

What happens at the CBSC?

· We run a very busy 8-week program every July and August

o We offer lessons in swimming, life saving, tennis, sailing, paddle boarding, water polo, synchronized swimming, triathlon and volleyball.

o Our non-lesson activities include family swims, Friday night foot races, BINGO, Bullhead Derbies, teen and pre-teen dances, a Sandcastle Competition, a mini-triathlon for kids, parent and child competitions in swimming, tennis and sailing, a family picnic, swim meets, tennis tournaments, sailing regattas, and the Snail River Run.

· We are a “club” in name only.

o Membership is available to any and all – a family membership is only $180, lesson fees are inexpensive and most of our non-lesson activities/events are free!

o Participation totaled almost 1,900 people last summer

· The CBSC has a strong tradition of volunteerism and has over 90 official volunteer positions. In addition to this core team, we have another 100+ volunteers who work the events, clean up the facilities, supervise race routes, and whatever else needs to be done. They say "it takes a village" and nowhere is that more true than at the CBSC.

· We have a summer staff of approx. 60 and almost all of them are young people who have grown up in the CBSC and are now getting their first employment experiences as teachers of our programs.

· We have an outdoor swimming pool and 4 tennis courts. Our other facility is “The Tanks” – a raft that is moored off the main beach during the summers. The original Tanks were home to our swimming lessons. Today we use The Tanks for special events and for our Sailing and Paddleboard programs.

What do new members need to know?

· You’re not alone! We welcome about 100 new families to the CBSC every summer.

· We also have lots of families who have been members for 3, 4 or 5 generations – there are some great stories out there!

· About half our members live within a bike-ride of the beach; the other half are from all over South Surrey.

· The CBSC is a very different experience than Surrey Parks and Rec or the Arbutus Club, both of which are of course excellent. But it’s not who we are. We are volunteer run, we are casual and we are very proud of our traditional little club in what can sometimes feel like the land that time forgot.

· The more you do and the more people you meet, the more fun you’ll have. A full immersion CBSC summer is about as good as it gets – for your kids and for you too.

We are located at the foot of McBride Ave, in Crescent Beach, BC, adjacent to Blackie Spit.  Our clubhouse is open from 9-12pm, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for the months of July & August only.

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