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Facilities Vision

Our swimming pool needs some major restoration work. The pool is built on sand and faces constantly changing ground water levels – the hydraulic pressure is significant and over the past 50 years it has taken a toll. We are currently spending over $20,000 a year on repairs and maintenance, and that number has been rising. 

We love our pool; now it needs us to show some of that love. We need to invest in our pool to ensure that that our children and grandchildren can have CBSC summers like the ones we have enjoyed. And if we touch the pool, we will want to, and probably need to, look at the entire compound, including the clubhouse (which is a 40 year old school portable that we have totally outgrown).

Our question for you… if we are going to tackle a restoration project to set the club up for another 100 years of great summers for future generations, what should we be doing? Should we take the opportunity to make some big changes to our facilities? Or just do the bare minimum? Or should we make no changes at all?

At this stage we don’t have detailed cost or scope of work information. But we know the budget will be tight. We are a volunteer run organization that operates for only 8 weeks per year and with a very small budget, meaning that we can’t afford to build anything that will increase our annual operating costs (even though adding a hot tub was a popular suggestion at the Open Houses, it is probably not in the cards!)

After gathering feedback from the members, we will develop a plan reflecting that feedback and also the financial realities of our situation.  We will then take advantage of the unique opportunity presented by our 100-year anniversary to conduct a capital campaign, as well as talking to government and other granting agencies about financial support.  Depending on the amount of funds raised, upgrades to the tennis courts and tanks may be part of the plan; and if we are really successful, we can even talk about an endowment fund to support future capital upgrades, provide financial assistance to less fortunate families and ensure that the CBSC’s legacy is strong and secure.

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