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CBSC Centennial Program
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Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the CBSC Centennial Celebrations in 2018.  Some of the events will have capacity limits so you would be well-advised to plan ahead and sign-up early - you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the fence when all the fun is happening.

Please share this info with anyone you know who may want to be part of the fun!

Do you need tickets for the Centennial Parents Night Out on Friday July 27 and the Centennial Family Dinner & Dance on Saturday July 28?

Tickets for these events were sold in August 2017.  All people who bought tickets at that time (including those people who put their names on the waiting lists) have been allocated tickets.  Some additional tickets will be sold in July 2018.  Information on how to apply for these tickets, will be sent by eSeahorse.  So, if you want tickets, make sure you are registered for the eSeahorse (click here: and pay close attention to your inbox in June 2018.



This may seem like a lot of information.  But it’s a good read.  You should have seen the first draft – it almost broke the internet when we tried to send it out.  This is a much tighter version; and there are some good chuckles sprinkled throughout.  Pour a glass of wine, gather your family around, and settle in for a sweet CBSC read!  Sure beats whatever’s on CNN.

A Centennial celebration comes around only once every 100 years, and you and your family are amongst the lucky ones who will be celebrating the CBSC Centennial!  We've put a tonne of effort into creating some great events so that past and present seahorses can get together and celebrate all that is great about our CBSC Summers.  We hope you are as excited as we are for Summer 2018.

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100 Summers Coffee Table Book



CBSC Centennial Celebrations
Your Guide to Getting the Most Out of CBSC Summer #100


The CBSC is the oldest summer swim club in British Columbia  What started as the Crescent Beach Regatta Association in 1918 has evolved into a multi-sport, multi-activity community embraced by hundreds of families every summer.


Our mission is to Create a community where children can have fun, and learn skills & sportsmanship, while doing a variety of outdoor summer activities in a safe and inclusive beach environment; making memories for generations to come.”  We are a volunteer-run organization and while we are extremely proud of our kids when they do well in competitions, our real focus is on having good clean family outdoor fun.  And the result of doing this for 100 years is a strong and vibrant community with some amazing traditions.  Crescent Beach and the CBSC sometimes feel like the land that time forgot, and that’s what makes it so special.


As Centennials come around only once every 100 years, we plan to celebrate this one with gusto!
There will be lots of Centennial celebrating going on this summer, with a big concentration of events on the Centennial Reunion Weekend July 26-29.  If the CBSC alumni in your family are visiting this summer, make sure they include this weekend in their visit.


Event Details


1.    Centennial Super Bingo - The biggest BINGO in the 100 Summer history of the CBSC

•   7:00pm Thursday July 26 at Camp Alexandra.  Gates open at 6:00pm


2.    Centennial Tanker Swim - Re-swim the Tanks, this time as a family

•   All morning (starting at 9:00am) on Friday, July 27 at The Tanks

•   Families who register by July 13 will have assigned swimming times (and will be able to order Centennial towels and hot chocolate mugs).


3.    Centennial Parents Night Out - The Crescent Beach Players will be performing a once-in-a-hundred-years CBSC Centennial Spectacular

•   6:00pm - 11:00pm Friday July 27 at Camp Alexandra - gates open at 6:00; show starts at 7:30;
dancing at 8:30

•   This is an adults-only event (19+); separate admission ($60) must be purchased

•   This is not a sit-down dinner affair.  Heavy appies are included. BYOB


4.    Centennial Parade

•   9:00am Saturday July 28 starting at the Tennis Courts and ending at Camp Alexandra

•   Meet at the tennis courts at 8:30.  Come dressed in your favourite green and white CBSC outfit!    Bring your decorated bikes, scooters and wagons.  Please - no motorized vehicles.


5.    Pancake Breakfast

•   Saturday July 28 at Camp Alexandra, following the Parade

•   Sign up by July 20 (no extra charge; we just need to know how many pancakes to flip)


6.    Centennial Family Dinner and Dance – Dinner en Blanc…& Green; and a live band too!

•   5:00pm - 10:00pm Saturday July 28 at Camp Alexandra.  Gates open at 5:00

•   This is an all-ages event; separate admission ($15) must be purchased

•   Dinner is provided but you are on your own for all drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

•   BYO beach blankets.  There will be chairs and tables for our older members; younger families are   encouraged to eat picnic-style.


7.    Fireworks on the Beach

•   10:00pm Saturday July 28 on the Front Beach after sunset


8.    July Tanker Swim and Gala - same as always, but on Sunday this year.

•   9:00am Sunday July 29 at The Tanks and then at the pool


Other Centennial Events

•  Centennial Big Bob (the traditional float-with-the-tide) from the Tanks to the Pier – 1:00pm Sunday, August 5

•  Semiahmoo Cup (multi-generational relay race against the WRASA Killer Guppies) – Saturday morning, August 11

•  Centennial Water balloon Fight – 2:00pm Saturday, August 25, 2018


You want to participate?  You MUST have a wristband!

To participate in ANY of the activities during the Centennial Reunion Weekend, you must have
(and be wearing) a CBSC Centennial Wristband.  And to get one of those, you need to be either:

•   a 2018 CBSC member; or

•   a CBSC Alumnus who has purchased a “CBSC Reunion Weekend Package”.  A CBSC Alumnus
is anyone who has participated in CBSC activities at any time during the past 100 years!

Members will be given their wristbands on registration day.  Alumni who have purchased Reunion Weekend Packages can pick up their wristbands at the clubhouse after registration day.


You want more information?

Keep Reading…


What do you get with your CBSC Reunion Weekend Package?
•  A super-cool CBSC Centennial Wristband (which you will need to access all the events)

•  Full membership privileges from July 20 – August 5, 2018, including:

      -  Admission to family swims

      -  Use of the tennis courts when not in use for lessons or tournaments

      -  Use of the sail boats and paddleboards during free sail/paddle times

•  Access to all Reunion Weekend activities (there are additional charges if you want to attend the Friday night and Saturday night parties)


How do you buy a CBSC Reunion Weekend Package?

First of all - if you are a 2018 CBSC member, you DO NOT need to buy a reunion package (you’ll get wristbands with your membership).  All Alumni (who are not also 2018 members) DO need to buy packages and you need to buy one for every member of your family who will be participating in Centennial activities (free for children who will be under 6 on July 28, 2018, but you still need to sign them up).


You can buy your Reunion Weekend Packages right now (once you have created your ActiveNet account).  If you are a family of 4, you will have one ActiveNet account but you will be buying 4 Reunion Weekend Packages, one for each member of your family.  Log into your ActiveNet account, buy your reunion packages; then go to the clubhouse and pick up your wristbands.


What is ActiveNet? To buy a CBSC Reunion Weekend Package, you will need to have an account in ActiveNet (our online registration system).  ActiveNet accounts cover all members of your immediate family.  PRO TIP: your ActiveNet account is NOT the same as your website logon ID.  The website asks for an email address and password to sign you up for the eSeahorse, which is great.  But to actually register for stuff and pay money, you need an ActiveNet account – way more security and a totally separate website. Follow the links on our homepage at


Your Centennial Wristband is the only thing you need, with two exceptions.  In addition to having
a wristband, you have to pay extra to participate in these two events:

•   Centennial Parents Night Out on Friday July 27

•   Centennial Family Dinner and Dance on Saturday July 28

You want tickets to the Friday and Saturday night parties?  Well… most of the tickets were sold in August 2017.  All people who bought tickets at that time (and all the people who put their names on the waiting lists) have been allocated tickets.  A small number of additional tickets will be sold in July 2018.  Information on how to apply for these tickets will be communicated via eSeahorse.  So, if you want tickets, make sure you are on the eSeahorse email list and pay close attention to your inbox.


Can I give my tickets to a friend?  Nope.  Admissions are non-transferrable. The online roster will be the one-and-only official list and special event wristbands will be issued to all registered participants during the week prior to the Reunion Weekend


Refunds?  Of course!  If you can’t use one of your admissions, you’ll be able to get a refund as long
as we are able to sell your admission to someone else.  Yes, there will be a small admin fee for refunds.


Who is doing all the work?  How can I help?  Like all CBSC activities, the Centennial celebrations are being organized and run by volunteers.  The more people who chip in, the lighter the load (also, it’s fun to be on the team).  If you would like to help out at some of the events, please contact Heather McNaughton at



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